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Lamborghini Newport Beach’s LNB300 Weekend Rally Recap

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Every year, Lamborghini Newport Beach hosts a weekend getaway event aimed at bringing together Lamborghini enthusiasts from all walks of life.  This special event is open to any Lamborghini owners. Lamborghini Newport Beach’s local clients and out-of-state enthusiasts make this special trip with their Lamborghinis, some of them coming from as far as the other side of the country or even Canada.


This event’s name. “LNB300,” stands for Lamborghini Newport Beach (LNB) and for the 300 miles roundtrip drive the participants and their powerful machines make over two days throughout Southern California.  The adventure started at the Lamborghini Newport Beach dealership based in Orange County, California, where 50 Lamborghinis gathered to initiate the trek to Palm Springs and back over the course of two days.  One by one, all the guests arrived at the dealership on Saturday, March 21 as their V10 and V12-powered supercars howled in their approach.


They were welcomed upon arrival by Lamborghini Newport Beach staff and special guests Laura Reggiani, Accessories Manager of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.; Alessandro Farmeschi, COO of Automobili Lamborghini America; Thomas Brinkmann, Sales Manager Western Region & Mexico of Automobili Lamborghini America; William Gonzales, After Sales Manager Western Region of Automobili Lamborghini America; Brian Gassert, Director North American Sales of Lamborghini Financial Services and John Worthington, Regional Sales Manager of Lamborghini Financial Services.

The overcast Saturday morning faded away as the sun was summoned by countless V10 and V12 engines roaring to life.  A brisk freeway cruise lead 50 bulls to Highway 74, a 2-lane road known well for its twists and turns where the bulls could stretch their legs and take advantage of their state-of-the-art chassis design and highly tuned suspension systems.  A quick pit stop at a very large turnout accommodated all 50 bulls with breathtaking views.  Not only was this sight special for the partakers, but also for the public passersby, who gave their salute from both cars and motorcycles. 15 minutes later, the pack of bulls galloped onward to the Wilson Creek Winery for a private lunch.


Stomachs satisfied and Lamborghinis rested enough, the drive continued onward, taking the long route filled with tight turns and long open roads where the bulls could take advantage of their V10 and V12 power.  With back to back twists and drastic elevation changes, the drivers were in for a true driving experience through forest and mountains.  Making their way down the mountain, the group pulled off for a fantastic photo opportunity overlooking the large open valleys.  With the cell phone and camera shutters slowing down, the pack got back on the road onwards to their final stop for Day 1: Palm Springs.  On the way to Palm Springs, the I-10 freeway was filled with Lamborghinis making their final stint as the sun faded behind the mountains.  With the Palm Springs windmills in clear sight and an open freeway ahead, the bulls stampeded to the tune of V10 and V12 engines howling at high RPMs.  Throttle-blipped downshifts and brake lights signaled the arrival at the Riviera resort as each guest parked their Lamborghini in a privately secured lot just in time for the picture-perfect desert sunset.


The fun didn’t stop with the engines turning off as the guests were invited poolside for a special presentation by Alessandro Farmeschi, COO of Automobili Lamborghini America. He spoke about the brand, then handed over the mic to Thomas Brinkmann for the unveiling of something unexpected. As a special surprise for the attendees, nestled in the Riviera resort in Palm Springs, Lamborghini Newport Beach was able to secure a special appearance of the newly announced Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SuperVeloce. Lamborghini Newport Beach General Manager, Pietro Frigerio, assisted Thomas Brinkmann in unveiling the Aventador LP 750-4 SuperVeloce in front of a very ecstatic crowd of Lamborghini enthusiasts.  As the cover was slowly unveiled, an orchestra of “oohs” and “ahhs” combined with gasps of amazement and camera shutters clicking. The audience of 100+ couldn’t stop talking about seeing the mythical Aventador LP 750-4 SuperVeloce and how surprised they were to encounter this new beast of a Lamborghini.


Day 2 began full-throttle with an intense exercise in car control up Hwy 74.  This section of Hwy 74 is unlike the Hwy 74 in Orange County, where the twists and turns are softer in comparison. This particular section of the Hwy 74 from the desert takes no prisoners and offers no room for mistakes with 300-foot cliffs at every turn up as you ascend the mountain.  As you navigate to the top, the road straightens greeting the drivers with long sweeping turns that make for another picture-perfect moment with a large pack of Lamborghinis playing in the wild.  After a pit stop for gas, the pack made its way to the Salt Creek Grill in Dana Point where a second surprise awaited the participants. Valentino Balboni, the legendary Lamborghini test driver, greeted guests as they pulled their mid-engined Italian super sports cars into the parking lot.  With adrenaline still on tap, everybody was thrilled to see Valentino Balboni admiring the skittle-colored parade of bulls with the thunderous greeting of engine roars you expect from a Lamborghini.  Picture requests with Mr. Balboni were coming from all directions as he admired the individuality each car displayed and the passion each owner had.


With the weekend coming to a close, it was great to see the entire group enjoying themselves in true Lamborghini passion with fellow Lamborghini enthusiasts.

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