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SCG 003 Unveiled by Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus

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The SCG 003 was first teased to us Dec. 17, 2014. A short video, which you can see above, provided a glimpse of the impressive race car, while the website for Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus described the mission to improve upon the Ferrari P 3/4.

Just a few days ago, Feb. 25, the race team confirmed to Autocar that the SCG 003 will be fully unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show. Yesterday, Feb. 26, we were given a good look at the two variations being created in galleries uploaded to their Facebook page, and each is stunning.


The SCG 003C, the Competizione race variant, features a stunning yellow and green livery, and appears to be a machine purpose-built for racing excellence.

The SCG 003S, a Stradale version made to be driven on both the track and the road, is pictured in a striking silver color. Its exterior design is fascinatingly captivating, and appears to have taken design notes from Ferrari’s F40 and LaFerrari, with a hint of Veyron when viewing it from the side.

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The Feb. 25 interview with Autocar stated that the Stradale version will likely have a pricetag of approximately $2,482,000 USD, while the Competizione will ring in around $3,645,000 USD.

Check out the galleries below to get a good look at these new projects from Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, and stay with us for more updates as the Geneva Motor Show draws closer.

SCG 003C Gallery

SCG 003S Gallery


(Source: Facebook)

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