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duPont REGISTRY Cars & Coffee: September 2019

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Autumn is in the air, and as any Floridian can tell you, the drop in humidity is the best part of the season. Our monthly gathering was greeted by perfect weather and a slight breeze. Thanks to the optimal conditions, we had another unprecedented event.

Our next-door neighbors at Dimmitt Automotive brought a matte-finish Range Rover, Jaguar E-Pace, and a handful of McLarens. Watching a 600LT Spider shoot flames on command never gets old. If you happen to attend our Cars and Coffee, be sure to stop by Dimmitt afterward for the Cars & Coffee After Party.

To beat the morning rush, several attendees chose to arrive on Friday. Not only is it easier on them, but it also gives us a chance to see amazing cars up close & personal. We had heard rumors about carbon fiber Mustangs being spotted in Montana, and they were confirmed on Saturday.

Peregrine Automotive has developed a carbon fiber body for late-model Mustangs, and their Revenge GT is 6″ wider than a normal Mustang. The roof and doors are the only parts not altered, to keep the passengers safe.

Shaving several hundred pounds makes it ride like a dream, and the 345/30/20 rear tires are Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. The fronts are 295/35/20 to provide just enough oversteer to keep it predictable. You will never have such a nimble & enjoyable experience, as the supercharger delivers over 800 horsepower to this featherweight Ford.

First Home Bank has a pristine Tesla Model 3 that will be raffled next week. Open a new account and receive 30 tickets. Paddock-1 is building Tampa’s first Luxury Garage Condos, and they were here with a small-scale representation of your next home. Each of their condos can be customized to their owner’s liking and will feature state-of-the-art technology. You can learn more by clicking here.

Just as our parking lots reached capacity, something wild turned the corner. A new Pagani Huayra Roadster made everyone stop and stare. The 2-tone carbotanium masterpiece was built to order, and its AMG V12 produced a symphony of tuned turbo exhaust.

In addition to several pristine Italians, our guests were treated to a new Gulf Heritage Edition Ford GT. It was parked next to a 2005 GT, certainly a rare opportunity. It coincided with the debut of our 2020 Exotic Car Buyers Guide and our October issue.

A new Toyota Supra Launch Edition caught the import crowd by surprise, and a polished Shelby Cobra glistened in the sunrise. We appreciate all the support from our friends and volunteers, and we will see you next month (October 19th) at Peter O Knight Airport on Davis Island.