Cavallino Classic 2015 Recap

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Article by: John Ready

The Cavallino Classic was held at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach on Jan. 22-25, marking the 24th year of this world class event that only gets better every year.

The event opened with a Guest Lecture Series about the 1953 Ferrari 375 Millie Milegra, and presented three examples accompanied by their proud owners.

cavallino-2015 (1)

These cars ran a 4.5 liter V-12, with three four barrel Webers making between 320 to 380 horsepower in car that weighed a little over 2,200 lbs with a driver. They were able to do 180 mph on long straights, and this was in 1953.

Braking and handling remained a challenge, but these cars raced for several years.

A very sedate, gray and white topped California Spyder with speed lights accompanied the 375MMs on display.

cavallino-2015 (9)

Thursday and Friday saw open track days for GT and Sports classes at the Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR) about 24 miles northwest of Palm Beach. These classes were further divided into drum/disc brakes and prewar.

cavallino-2015 (7)

The PBIR track is ideally configured for the spectators to see and hear these marvelous machines as they wind up through the gears, brake for the chicane and turn around at the end of the long straight.

cavallino-2015 (8)

With such a spectacular Ferrari field, they attracted other remarkable examples to run with the prancing horses.

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cavallino-2015 (5)

This Maserati Typo 61 “Birdcage” made quite a showing on the track.

cavallino-2015 (6)
cavallino-2015 (3)

This is the original prototype of the Dino with a four cam V-6, three-twos and inboard disc brakes.

cavallino-2015 (4)

Looks like the Dino is in good hands here.

Thursday also saw the Classic Tour of downtown Palm Beach. The tour proceded leisurely along the coastal roads of the Atlantic Ocean, and eventually arrived at Jet Aviation for a special private showing.

Saturday brought the world famous Ferrari Concorso d’Elegance at the Breakers Hotel. There were 159 Ferraris that filled the fairway and the greens.

cavallino-2015 (2)

Here is the prototype Dino in the process of being judged.

cavallino-2015 (10)

There was also a display of new cars well worth reviewing.

cavallino-2015 (11)

The Cavallino Classic Competition Awards Party was held at the Breakers Beach Club.

Gallery by T. Le Photography


Gallery by TShen Photography


Media Sources: TShen Photography, T. Le Photography, John Ready, Nue Vue Photography

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