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American Gumball Rally Plans for Big Year in 2016

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After the huge 117-car Michigan event, the American Gumball Rally events had over 500 participants in 2015, added the new states of Arkansas, Ohio and Nevada to the roster and awarded approximately $10,000 to the winning teams. Plans for 2016 are to add a few more states, possibly California, Texas and North Carolina.

If you didn’t participate or sponsor one of these American Gumball Rally events in 2015 you can look forward to all of the 2016 events starting with the 4th annual Florida Gumball Rally, set for Feb. 27-28 2016, running from Tampa to Orlando to Miami, with an option to visit Key West.

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“The reason we organize these events is because we believe that every hard working person deserves a weekend experience away from their usual routine,” Randy Kohler, CEO of American Gumball Rally, told us. “All people and all vehicles are invited to the family oriented atmosphere with a laid back approach to road rallies. The goal of the American Gumball is to establish an annual weekend road rally event in each state.”

Who is able to join? Anyone who rents or owns a car, truck, Jeep, supercar or motorcycle and can legally drive them is able to participate. What’s more, it only costs around $300-$500 per person for a whole weekend of fun.

How do you sign up? It’s simple: pick a team name and team number, and visit AmericanGumballRally.com to register.

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