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FCA: Viper Plant To Become Classic Car Museum

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It seems like only yesterday that the Dodge Viper said goodbye. It was built by hand by the fine folks at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit. The facility began life as the assembly plant for Champion spark plugs in 1966, and Dodge purchased it in the early 90’s for special projects. It was there that the V10 engine was also assembled, along with the short-lived Plymouth Prowler.

Then & Now: 1998 Dodge Viper GTS-R

In a press release around noon today, we’ve learned that Fiat-Chrysler will transform the building to house their historic car collection along with meeting rooms for the top-brass. The Viper has shed its skin for the last time, and most of the remaining Viper parts and merchandise will be sold by the United Way in an online auction. Over 1,800 lots include signed hoods, body panels, prints, posters and all things Viper will be included.

Then & Now: First Generation Dodge Viper

“With a storied history of its own, the Conner Avenue facility is an ideal location to showcase the vehicles that have sustained the Company for more than 92 years,” said Brandt Rosenbusch, Manager, Historical Services. “We are proud of our history and have been working diligently in the daily care and restoration of these important vehicles. This move will allow us to house all of our collection under one roof and have the space to share that history with our employees.”

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