Star Wars Dodge Viper and and Hellcats Tour L.A.

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Are you excited for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”? Of course you are, it’s Star Wars.

Right now, if you were to walk around a department store, or even a grocery store, you’d find Star Wars products everywhere. And, thanks to Dodge, this sci-fi movie craze isn’t stopping in the store: it’s out on the streets. Heck, even Jay Leno just drove around a real-life Darth Vader Hot Wheels car.

To celebrate the new movie, Dodge created a few cars, each styled around the new addition in the Star Wars saga. First up is a pair of First Order Stormtrooper-theme SRT Hellcats, including a Challenger and Charger. Each are, of course, packing 707 hp. Joining them is a Dodge Viper ACR that was designed after Kylo Ren, who is presumed to be the main antagonist in “The Force Awakens.”

If you’d like to see these cars, they will be touring the Los Angeles area December 11-14.

(Source: FCA)