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MOPAR Announces Pre-Orders for 1,000 HP Hellephant HEMI

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Last year at SEMA, MOPAR displayed a monster. Taking the same formula used in the Hellcat and the Demon, they whipped up a 1,000 horsepower version of their supercharged HEMI V8. You are probably thinking it needs race fuel like the Demon, but they were able to achieve that power on 93 octane pump gas. That’s because they stroked the 6.2L to 7.0L, or 426 cubic inches. It also makes 950 lb-ft of torque, and today MOPAR announced pre-orders for the 1,000 hp Hellephant HEMI have begun.

MOPAR is the performance division of Chrysler/Dodge/Ram/Jeep and formerly Plymouth (RIP). They developed the original 426 HEMI to dominate NASCAR and Drag Racing and it did both. NASCAR banned the engine, and all modern Top-Fuel and Funny Car engines are based around the HEMI.

The press release reminds us that 4/26 is national HEMI day, and that MOPAR will be live streaming something wild at 4:26 p.m. (Eastern Time). The engine and supercharger (P/N P5160194 ) have a retail price of $29,995, and several accessories like Air Conditioning, oil filter relocation, and the accessory drive are available separately. This would be an easy swap into a Charger Hellcat, Challenger, Ram, (or Wrangler if you are nuts), but your stock transmission will be on death row. Click the link below to find a Hellcat near you and reserve your Hellephant at Someone please do this to a Viper or an SRT-10 truck, double the power in a weekend.