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ICON 4×4 Dodge Power Wagon Reformer

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ICON 4×4 has done it again. This time they have taken a Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab and turned it into a modern masterpiece. In a YouTube video uploaded today by Jonathan Ward, the man behind the company, he explains what went into creating this reformed classic truck. This video can be viewed directly below.

For starters, the underpinnings of the car are completely new. ICON can either fit the mechanical system of a Ramp 2500 or 3500 Mega Cab in the classic Power Wagon. For the example we see today, they went with the 2500. This means the truck is easier to service and it includes a 5.7-liter HEMI engine, modern brakes, fuel system, automatic transmission and more. They also upgraded the engine with an air-to-water intercooled supercharger to boost the power.

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While the car has a lot of new and customized pieces inside and out, they did leave a few untouched, such as the shell of the body, grille, exterior door handles, seat frames and front bumper.

ICON 4×4 has taken a classic truck and turned it into a modern and refined automobile that will be a hit where ever it goes. Be sure to stay with us to see what they create next or visit for more info. Also, check out our ICONs for sale on by clicking the button below.

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