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Hennessey Venom 800: Drag Radials Required

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Next year will be the final model year for the Dodge Viper. Several special editions have been announced and already sold out, but no major mechanical upgrades are offered. Before these ten cylinder snakes slither off into sunset, a few have been caught by Hennessey Performance as the ultimate expression of this American supercar.

John Hennessey began his career by modifying Vipers in his parents’ garage. Being the cornerstone of the business, they have pulled out all the stops to make 808 hp and 790 lb-ft of torque. The giant X-brace across the engine prohibits the use of a roots style supercharger, and good luck finding room along the exhaust for turbos. So they have turned to the largest centrifugal blower we have ever seen.

At only 5 psi of boost pressure, Venom 800 reaches 60 mph in 2.9 seconds. Bold wording on their website warns potential buyers that optional drag racing tires are needed to prevent wheel spin. With a prepped drag strip the Venom offers 10.5 seconds in the quarter mile at 143 mph. The fuel and exhaust systems are all new, and each car will be dyno tuned before delivery. This package is available for all Vipers from 2013 to present and comes with a 1 year/12,000 mile limited warranty. For more information, please head over to HPE’s Venom 800 page here.