Hellcat Drifts on a Floating Platform in Pennzoil Ad

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In commercial spots and advertisements around the globe, cars have been reaching new heights in their stunt work and impressiveness. And we mean that quite literally.

Pennzoil is the latest to release a spot that seems to defy both death and physics in what they’ve dubbed the “Airlift Drift.” Uploaded to YouTube March 25, this new video is a promotion for their synthentic motor oil, but what’s caught our eye is seeing this canary yellow Dodge Challenger Hellcat tear through a a city, drifting corners and streets a speeds only a 707 hp muscle car could manage.


But once it comes to a stop, the real action begins. Coming to a stop on a platform supported by four helicopters, the Hellcat is lifted into the air, high above the city. The RPMs climb, the smoke builds up, the redline is hit, and it’s time for some drifting.

However, as real as this video looks, it isn’t quite what it seems. The ad agency behind this piece, J. Walter Thompson Atlanta, did a fantastic job coordinating and executing this spot, and as their Executive Creative Director Jeremy Jones told AdWeek, realistic depiction was their ultimate goal.

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“Everything from the get-go was rooted in the idea of realism,” the article quotes Jones as saying. “The load capacity of the helicopters, the chains, the shape of the platform and support beams. It’s all mathematically and theoretically possible.”

Jaguar was the other manufacturer to recently depict one of its vehicles in a height-intensive act, when it crossed the River Thames on a highwire. This was an actual stunt that was performed March 24, with the 2016 Jaguar XF making good use of a counterweight to move forward.

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(Source: YouTube via Adweek)

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