Dodge Launches New Viper Site

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With the Viper now sporting the Dodge badge once again, the Michigan based company has launched a new website for the American sports car. On the Viper’s new landing page, Dodge shows us all of the aspects that make the car the legend it is today.

Starting off, there is a gallery that showcases the finer aspects of the Viper. Click on a thumbnail and you are greeted by a high-resolution image and a quick bit of info about the car. You can learn a lot about the Viper by browsing through this gallery. For instance, did you know that the 2015 Viper’s clamshell hood is made from a single piece of carbon fiber? Now you do.


Below the gallery and information on the Viper’s new exterior, exhaust and hood is what Dodge calls the “Wheelizer.” This new feature gives visitors the ability to browse through all of the wheels available for the Viper.


If you want to see the cabin of the car and how it can be outfitted, there is a configurator for the interior also featured on this page. It showcases the standard and optional interior options that are available for the Viper. Below is a Sepia, with contrasting accents in Laguna, leather interior.


Additionally, Dodge has also launched a new social website called “Born Dodge.” Here, the latest happenings and news are available, including the Dodge cars of “Furious 7,” the latest Dodge merchandise and more.

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The Dodge Viper is an American Icon and we are elated to see the amount of attention it is getting. What’s next for the model? We’re not sure, but stay with us and Dodge for the latest news out of Michigan.

(Source: Dodge)

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