Dodge Halting Hellcat Orders Due to Excessive Demand

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If you had your hopes set on buying either the Dodge Challenger or Charger with the Hellcat package, you’re going to have to throw the brakes on your dreams for a bit.

An FCA spokesperson has reportedly told MotorAuthority that demand for the Hellcat Challengers and Chargers has been so excessively high that they need to stop accepting orders, essentially in order to play catch up.

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With such incredible performance numbers packed into an amazingly appealing design, it’s no surprise that demand for the Hellcat has gone through the roof. The Challenger SRT Hellcat, named “2015’s Best Bang for the Buck” in the 2015 Exotic Car Buyers Guide, is capable of creating 707 hp from its supercharged V8 while costing just $63,980. It’s American muscle with supercar performance, and clearly, the world has fallen in love.

Be sure to stay with us for updates about when orders for the Hellcat package are able to be placed again, and in the mean time, find yourself a Challenger to upgrade by hitting the button below.


(Source: MotorAuthority)

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