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Dodge Demon: What’s in the Box?

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We are learning more about the upcoming Dodge Demon with each new video, and the latest installment is very enticing. Uploaded to the YouTube and featured on the Demon’s landing page, it previews a crate of racing parts to be included with the car. Get your best Brad Pitt impersonation ready, because everyone wants to know: “What’s in the box?” Reviving Dodge’s original performance parts brand, “Direct Connection” predates Mopar and will offer Demon branded accessories aimed at performance. A spare set of wheels along with a floor jack and cordless impact wrench will make swapping rubber in the pit lanes much easier. In an ideal world, every car should come with such goodies, so these are destined to be coveted among Challenger fans.

Being the fourth video in a series of 15, we have learned a few noteworthy features of the new car. Weight reduction was a serious goal, so Demon arrives without a passenger or rear seats. Other luxuries were also deleted to shave 200 lbs from the curb weight. Hopefully, a solid rear axle will replace the independent rear suspension for the ultimate drag pack. Other items on our wishlist are a ratchet shifter and roll cage, but these might be a bridge too far for the team at SRT. With the Hellcat being capable of consistent 10-second runs, are we looking at a 9-second production car? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and stay with us for more Dodge updates.

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