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Dodge Demon Races Lamborghini Huracan in 1/4 Mile

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Everyone knows that the Dodge Demon is a monster built for the drag strip. On Dodge’s page for the Demon, they even tout a few of its accomplishments that would help it excel on the strip, like “World’s Fastest 1/4-Mile Production Car” and “World’s Fastest 0-60 Production Car.” But how well does the Demon stack up against an AWD supercar like the Lamborghini Huracan?

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For that, there’s DragTimes. In Brooks’ latest video, he takes his Huracan out for races against a sharp green Demon. He notes in the video’s description that the Demon is equipped with a race gas ECU, race air filter, skinny tires up front and Mickey Thompson tires in the back. After three races the results were still… inconclusive. Brooks notes that the first race involved some slippage, the second race was legit and the third race was legit. However, if you check the slip of the third race, you’ll notice a massive difference in reaction time. Nonetheless, check out the video below to see the epic USA vs Italy drag race.

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