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Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat: 2015 Best Bang for the Buck

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Written by Justin Bell

Of any car now on sale, the Hellcat is the most fun. I recently shot it for an episode of World’s Fastest Car Show and it really was fast.

Dodge and SRT engineers spent a great deal of time to make this a muscle car for our time. It is extremely well built and materials both inside and out are of a certain quality that adds to the experience.

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But saying all that, the Hellcat is all about power and performance. 707 horsepower makes this the most powerful production muscle car ever built. It is the first ever super-charged engine to come out of the Dodge brand and combine that with a very adept gearbox, whether manual or automatic, and you have something very potent indeed.


I loved driving the Hellcat around town. People stared, waved and appreciated it. When I got the car out on track, I could literally do with it as I pleased. Tight controlled cornering or flat out drifts were all mine.

My only question comes when looking at the price; it seems too low for a car that makes you feel this high.






From the duPont REGISTRY 2015 Exotic Car Buyers Guide


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