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Dodge Announces Production Numbers for the Demon

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How Many Dodge Demons Were Made?

To celebrate the pagan festival of the Summer Solstice, Dodge will open the books for Challenger SRT Demon orders on June 21st. Only 3,000 cars are planned for the US, and Canadian fans are limited to 300 cars.

View the Dodge Demon Specs

Detailed in a press release this morning, they have shocked the world by effectively killing dealer markups. “The last will be first, and the first will be last”. Production and order acceptance will be based on the lowest sticker price. The dealer most willing to part ways with padding their profits will be most likely to gain a new customer.

We’ve learned from multiple sources that the 840 horsepower Demon was the product of engineering the Hellcat back in 2014. The world wasn’t ready for a 9-second street car, and neither was the NHRA. Rules exist to keep drivers safe, and the National Hot Rod Association had every right to ban the Demon from competition. But it won’t take long to add a roll cage and the few other parts needed to qualify. All you need is $84,995 for the car, and we suggest spending $4 more for the options. A fist full of dollars will have you every which way but loose, because $84,999 is all you should pay for a fully loaded SRT Demon. To make sure your order is received, our dealers are ready to help you. Take a look at new Dodge Challengers for sale and get ready to race. Stay with us for all your Dodge updates.