Average Guy’s Review: 2012 Dodge Dart

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For car reviews, we are going to be taking it in another direction.  We all read car reviews that are written by professional writers or guys who have ridiculous cars as their daily drivers.  But what about the average guy?  Where is good ‘ol Joe Six Pack’s opinion on these cars?

That is where our average guy comes in: Bucky.  Bucky is going to be taking our weekly press cars out and giving me his opinion on each one.

He doesn’t know a lot about cars, he doesn’t drive an extravagant car to the grocery store and he most certainly does not know how to build an engine.  But he does love driving cars and gets excited with each new one we receive.

He is the Average Guy.

This week we had the 2012 Dodge Dart. It is the revival of a classic with a twist that M. Night Shyamalanananan couldn’t write himself. They took the semi-muscle car of old, and replaced it with a turbo-charged compact car.  I can honestly say that I did not see that coming. But I myself was very pleased with the car itself.  Here are a couple of words from our Average Guy about the car.

Price: $15,995+

Engine: Turbocharged and intercooled SOHC 16-valve 1.4-liter inline-4

Horsepower: 160 hp

Weight: 3,300 lbs

Top Speed: 130 mph

0-60: 7.7 seconds

How did you feel about the exterior of the car?

– The overall look of the outside was acceptable and the front was the appealing exterior look.  I was hoping for more of a retro look, which in talking with others, was what they too would liked to have seen.

How did you feel about the interior of the car?

– It was modern and comfortable.  What I really enjoyed was how accessible all of the functions were.  Also, the one aspect that really had me excited when I saw it was the stick shift.

What was your favorite part about driving the car?

– With my expectations in check based on the engine, this was a really fun car to drive.  When the turbo kicked in it was a nice boost.  The car was responsive and the 6-speed manual made it even more fun.

Did it have enough power?

– Based on the engine I was satisfied with the overall power.

What was your least favorite aspect of the car?

– I would say that the absence of nostalgia b/c that is what I was hoping for after hearing that they were going to resurrect the namesake.

How much would you price this car at?

– The base price for the model we received was $15,995 and I would say that the price given is a very appropriate one.

If you have the money and were looking for a car in this class, would you buy it?  If not, which car would  you buy?

– I think this would be a good starter car for a high-schooler or even college student, but I would suggest that you look for a pre-owned, low mileage one.
Of course, this is our first go at this type of review so content is limited for right now but we plan on fleshing this out.  If you have any questions you would like to be asked, be sure to leave them in the comment section below!