Dodge For Sale Viper

2016 Dodge Viper ACR Extreme For Sale

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We would like to think automakers build cars that people want to own, but sometimes it seems their priorities become misguided. Fiat-Chrysler is betting the farm with the return of Alfa-Romeo and the expansion of Maserati. As these new models arrive, they have bid farewell to the Dodge Viper. What began in 1988 as a project headed by Carroll Shelby and Lee Iacocca has been a venomous V10  American Supercar. The Gen 5 Dodge Viper can be a comfortable cruiser or a track-day bruiser. The transformation from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde is easy, just dial up the suspension and relax the stability control. The Viper has been and will remain one of the street & track cars for sale.

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Engineers at SRT along with the assembly line workers want to make sure the Viper goes out on top, so the 2016 Dodge Viper ACR Extreme Aero is the ultimate example. It has dive planes on the nose, fender vents, heat extractors, and the largest production rear wing. This car was ordered with every possible option, including bezels for all four brake ducts, carbon fiber x-brace, red seat belts and a lightweight Li-ion battery. Other ready-to-race parts include a differential cooler, 10-way adjustable shocks, 5-mode stability control and carbon ceramic brakes. Viper has never offered an automatic transmission, and the beefy six-speed manual has triple-cone synchros for years of smooth shifting. Power adjustable pedals make for a perfect seating position, and visibility is better than almost every competitor since the rear spoiler is above your line of sight. These final few Vipers offer no apologies. They will make America question why crossovers and family haulers are everywhere. If you can handle 645 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque, click on the link below and give this snake a proper home.

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