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1,000 Horsepower 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat For Sale

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Superheros are often found in the most unlikely of places, and that is that’s precisely what we’ve stumbled across. Named for a historic aircraft the helped turn the tide of WWII in the Pacific, the Challenger Hellcat is a 707 hp monster. While many would feel content with that level of power, this discerning owner used innovation and intuition to reach 1,000 hp.

The Hellcat arrives from the factory with a potent, supercharged 6.2L V8. The majority of the magic is created in the Eaton 1.9L blower that sits atop the intake. In production form, these superchargers are built to pressurize air for over 100,000 miles. Dodge limits the pressure to just over 11 pounds in order to save on belt slippage and prevent overheating.


Taking these issues into consideration, the supercharger on this car was ported and polished internally for more airflow. Polishing the surfaces also reduces heat friction from turbulent air. To supply more airflow, new upper and lower pulleys increase the speed of the rotors. A wider belt was also added to alleviate the added stress on the accessory drive.

On the other side of the engine, the stainless exhaust is comprised of hand fabricated 2″ headers feeding into 3″ high flow converters. Combined with a 160-degree thermostat, this big V8 is able to make over 1,000 hp on a DynoJet. Many hours of wideband tuning and many late nights were spent building this car, and the results speak for themselves. If you think you can tame this beast, it can be yours for $155,000. It would cost much more to replicate this build, so call Greg at 602-955-8444

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