Oakes Detail

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Name: Oakes Detail

Location: 325 Westtown Road, Suite 16,

West Chester, PA 19382

Services: Concourse Detailing, Exotic and Classic Restoration, Paint Correction, Ceramic Nano Coatings, Paint Protection Film, Vinyl and Color Change Wrapping, Mechanical and Performance

Phone Number: (610) 696-5469


Facebook: @OakesDetail

Instagram: @OakesDetail

Nick Oakes has always had an affinity for high-end automobiles. It is no accident, then, that he has become world renowned for his attention to detail and extreme care when it comes to his work under the business name of Oakes Detail.

For over a decade Oakes has spent tens of thousands of hours perfecting his craft so he can provide the unsurpassed care and attention to detail his customers are used to with every service.

His passion and dedication shows through in his track record of concourse wins and best-in-class vehicles, not to mention highly satisfied private clients who just want their pride and joy looking pristine.

Oakes Detail’s spacious and clean facility is also climate controlled for storage during Pennsylvania’s less-than-ideal winters.

While Oakes Detail specializes in high-end exotic restoration detailing, along with paint correction details.  Oakes is also an authorized nano coating and paint protection film installer.

Spyker2 - Oakes

In an effort to keep his client’s vehicles in trusted hands, Oakes offers full mechanical services to compliment the aesthetic division of the company.

To continue pushing the envelope, Nick and his team are always researching new and improved techniques, processes, and products. Unlike many other service professionals who are set in their ways, Oakes Detail is never afraid to test something new on their own cars if it will bring even a 1% improvement to their clients.


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