Man Hits 88 MPH in His DeLorean: Gets Ticket Instead of Traveling Through Time

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In Essex, England, speeding in a DeLorean won’t take you though the space-time continuum, unfortunately. DeLorean owner, Nigel Mills, an Essex resident found this out over the weekend as he was clocked going 18 mph over the speed limit, according to British news outlet, The Guardian.

Mills, a Back to the Future fan, purchased his DeLorean a while back and likes to take the car out for a ride a couple of times a year, and this time, the clear Sunday roadways had him wanting to step on the gas a bit. At 88 mph, Mills was going well over the posted speed limit, but he told The Guardian he just wanted to take his vehicle out for a “run around.”

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Luckily for him, the magistrates responsible for pulling him over didn’t show up to court so his ticket was thrown out. Maybe next time, that magic 88 MPH will take him to another time and place rather than the court room.

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