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2009 Maybach 62S Landaulet For Sale

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If you need to be chauffeured in one of the most opulent and exclusive cars ever built, our friends at Fusion Luxury Motors have just received one of the rarest cars ever built. This 2009 Maybach 62S is one of only three white convertibles sold in the US.

One of the largest cars built in recent history, the front cockpit is separated from the rear cabin by a powered glass partition. The glass is electromagnetic, able to change from clear to opaque upon command. With the rear curtains closed and the top up, you have the ability to travel without being disturbed by the outside world. With only 8,488 miles, there are no visible signs of wear inside or out.

To move such a machine, a twin turbo V12 is rated at 612 hp. We could go into detail about this car, but it speaks for itself. It has every amenity from fully reclining seats to black granite trim, and it can be yours. Because they were built by hand, only 8 examples were produced. This is one of only 3 in the US. For more information, contact Fusion Luxury Motors at (818) 478-8000

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