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White Aston Martin Vulcan Delivered to St. Louis Motorcars

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Vulcan is the mythological Roman God of Fire. This fire is required for forging metals both past and present. Aston Martin went one step further and stepped into the future with the creation of its own mythological creature, The Aston Martin Vulcan. The Vulcan’s roar will remind you of that volcano eruption that shakes the ground, like this car will shake you to the core. This supercar roar comes from a version of the company’s familiar V-12 engine that’s been developed with assistance from Aston Martin Racing. It displaces 7.0 liters and produces 820 horsepower.

White Aston Martin VulcanThe sheer rarity alone makes owning this vehicle of epic proportions nothing short of incredible. Just 24 have been produced of this extreme not-quite-roadgoing Aston Martin, track-only hypercar that’s clearly aimed at the adrenaline junkies. The engine is located completely behind the front axle for better weight distribution and, therefore, dynamic performance; and the powerful machine features 3-position adjustable power outputs which allows the driver to unleash true performance potential as their track skills develop. As if 800 ponies at its disposal wasn’t enough, the entire vehicle is made with lightweight materials, making it the lightest Aston Martin to date.

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White Aston Martin Vulcan

St. Louis Motorcars, a factory authorized Aston Martin dealer, has taken delivery of vehicle number 19 for one of its esteemed customers. In true Vulcan style, build 19 was showcased in a test drive on Top Gear shooting fire from its side-exit exhausts The goal was to produce a car that “provides immense enjoyment for the customer.” Given the reactions, the goal has not only been achieved, but surpassed! As an owner, of this very special vehicle, one receives admittance into a unique ownership program. This includes specialist training so customers can drive it in the manner it was intended.

White Aston Martin VulcanAll 24 Vulcans have been sold with a price tag of $2.3 million. For more information on Aston Martin models and special projects, contact Graham Hill or a member of the St. Louis Motorcars team at 855-971-4092 or visit to view our inventory.

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White Aston Martin Vulcan