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Urban Warrior Releases Flying Huntsman 6×6

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If you need to carry heavy loads across the most inhospitable terrain, six wheel drive offers more traction than any 4×4. That is why Urban Warrior is working with Kahn Design to offer the Flying Huntsman 6×6 here in the US.

We have had the pleasure of hosting several examples of the Urban Warrior at various Barrett-Jackson auctions and Concours events. Driving them is an absolute pleasure. Mr. Hyland and his team have an attention to detail that is unmatched in the offroad world.

Under the hood lies a new Ford 5.0L V8 topped by an intercooled supercharger. 670 hp is sent through a six-speed automatic to a shift on the fly transfer case. You might think it would be overpowered, but clever computer tuning keeps the power in check. With the new Urban Warrior Flying Huntsman, six wheels will share in the power which will make for a potent machine.


All of the luxuries found in previous Urban Warriors have been retained. Heated and cooled Recaro seats with hand stitched leather compliment a full Alpine entertainment system. Since Urban Warrior is assembled in the US, you needn’t worry about our complicated laws regarding imported Defenders. Each Urban Warrior is built to order, so for more information click on the link below:

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