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Prestige Imports Stores Multi-Million Dollar Supercar Collection in Porsche Design For Hurricane Irma

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Here in Florida, we are looking down the barrel of an immense hurricane. As a native, I know that protecting a valuable vehicle is mandatory. Heading to high ground is the first priority, but elevation is hard to find along the coast. That is why Prestige Imports is working with the Porsche Design Tower to protect their irreplaceable inventory.

Owner Brett David reached out to the building management to see if they had extra space. The building incorporates a unique elevator built to lift supercars directly into your apartment. The ten tenants understand the urgency and are allowing Prestige to store their most valuable cars. I wouldn’t mind riding out a storm with a Pagani in my living room.

Other preparations include draining the pools found on each balcony, so Porsche Design Tower has added extra pumps to make sure everything stays dry. The logistics of moving several supercars is hard enough, and it’s even harder when traffic is gridlocked. Here at duPont REGISTRY HQ we are moving everything inside and boarding up the windows. We hope everyone comes through without much damage.