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McLaren Design Night at McLaren Newport Beach

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McLaren Newport Beach recently offered their clients a rare look into the secret world of McLaren Automotive design.  Alexandar Alexiev, one of six McLaren design specialists, was onsite at the showroom to explain the artistic processes that go into the creation of their supercars.

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Alexiev provided McLaren Newport Beach clients with a fantastic presentation describing the entire process of the design that goes into every car.  He explained that every vehicle McLaren creates begins with an objective that defines the car and spend countless hours considering exactly how they will achieve the stated aim before even putting pen to paper. Fascinated by the extreme detail that goes into the process, guests were able to ask questions throughout the evening providing them with a deeper insight and appreciation of their vehicles.

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As a parting gift, Alexiev personally signed copies of his renderings for McLaren Newport Beach guests as well as providing some lucky clients with hand-drawn sketches of McLaren vehicles.

“We all at McLaren Newport Beach were extremely pleased to be able to have the opportunity to hear from one of McLaren’s talented designers,” commented General Manager Pietro Frigerio. “I believe all of our valued clients were thoroughly impressed by the incredible amount of detail that goes into the design of McLaren vehicles.”

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The design process at McLaren is second-to-none. The designers must consider every aspect of the vehicle from aerodynamics to weight in order to create their works of art. They collaborate with different departments within the McLaren headquarters to make sure that every inch of the car has a purpose leading to a perfected finished product. Although normally kept behind closed doors to the public, it was a pleasure to momentarily peer through the window of this process and get a glimpse of the initial steps of McLaren production.

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