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Lamborghini Newport Beach’s September 2016 Supercar Show

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Presented By Lamborghini Newport Beach

Lamborghini Newport Beach started their September with their world-renown monthly Supercar Show which took place at the dealership on the morning of September 3rd.  The gloomy morning provided refreshing air for the exotics in attendance, perfect for the incredible levels of performance that are available for sale at the dealership.  Of course, a sea of Lamborghini were definitely in attendance with many Aventador SuperVeloce taking the crowd by storm.  Many of which were customized via Lamborghini’s bespoke “Ad Personam” program.  In conjunction with the unique Aventador and various exotics ranging from Porsche to Ferrari and everything in between, a  trio of British McLaren P1 took center stage as two of the four featured the limited production full body Carbon Fiber.

McLaren P1s

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The first of the four P1 in attendance was a full bodied “MK Edition” P1 in gloss “Caspain Red” tinted Carbon Fiber which has a chameleon paint effect including hues ranging from a Magenta to Red to Orange to Yellow.  While the main body panels featured gloss “Caspain Red”, the door panel inserts, lower front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper, and rear diffuser were finished in satin “Caspain Red” Carbon Fiber.  The second P1 to roll in was a gorgeous example finished in “Tarocco Orange” followed by the third P1 finished in “Azure Blue”.  The last P1 which appeared towards the end of the show was finished in “Amber” Carbon Fiber.  The Dark-Orange tinted Carbon Fiber weave contrasted nicely with the standard Black Carbon Fiber while out on display in the sun.

In case you missed the September Supercar Show, you can be sure Lamborghini Newport Beach will be hosting their October edition on October 1st.  The team at Lamborghini Newport Beach would like to thank their clients, fans, and partners for the support of their monthly Supercar Show and look forward to October’s Supercar Show just a few weeks away.

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