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The Pagani Huayra Project Vulcan: Created by Dedication

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“When I was 14, my father, Irv David, threw down a copy of Automobile Magazine with a Pagani Zonda on the cover and he said, “Mark my words, Horacio Pagani will be creating the next benchmark supercar. I want to be a part of this man’s history.”” Brett David, CEO of Prestige Imports and Lamborghini Miami, told me over the phone. This is the moment he learned that Pagani would be the automotive world’s next biggest deal. Being so young at the time, he didn’t necessarily understand, but his dad, CEO of Prestige Imports at the time, knew that what Pagani was creating was pure rolling art.

He read more about Horacio Pagani, the Argentinian behind the company and was inspired by Pagani’s perseverance. After studying engineering at multiple universities, he went on to design various automotive components, including a complete F2 single-seater race car, fiberglass cabins for trucks and eve a bicycle touring models.

In 1983, he moved from Argentina to Italy. This move would change his life forever. He went on to work for Lamborghini, working with exotic cars like the Countach and Diablo. But, for Pagani, he wanted more. Thus, he founded Pagani Automobili S.p.A.

In 1999, the Zonda C12 was shown at the Geneva Motor Show and this is when people, like Brett’s father, knew that Pagani was the real deal.
Sadly, Brett’s father passed in 2007, leaving Brett with the decision to either take over the dealerships or put them on the market. Being his dad’s son, he chose to take push himself and take over the dealership, allowing his father’s legacy to live on within the family.

When he took the company over, there were a few things he had on his “list,” including becoming an authorized Pagani Automobili dealership, something his dad put in the works years ago, along with owning one of these pieces of art in his collection.

After numerous unsuccessful calls to Pagani Automobili and being told another dealership was locked to become the manufacturers Florida dealer, he knew he had to do something.

He came up with the idea of posing as a customer and calling the headquarters. To his surprise, it worked and he was set to visit the manufacturer in Italy.

Brett’s entire day was spent as a customer, meeting and conversing with just about every employed person. But, when it came time to sit down and talk business, he asked just exactly who would be in charge of Pagani cars in Florida. “Pagani, himself, told me he had already picked a dealer based on a commitment years prior, but have not been able to lock them in,” Brett told us.

After prodding for more information, and to Brett’s surprise, they revealed that they had already promised this partnership to Irv David, the South Florida deal, who was ironically Brett’s father.

“I told them that Irv David was my father,” Brett said. “The entire table was in shock and Pagani told me he made my father a promise and he intended to keep that promise.”

Thus, Pagani Miami, a division of Prestige Imports, was created and they would be an official Pagani Automobili S.p.A. dealership in the United States.

Not many people have such a close tie to a specific automotive manufacturer, so it comes as to no surprise that Brett has maintained a passion for Pagani automobiles.

Pagani Huayra

About two years after Pagani Miami came to be, Brett has driven multiple Paganis, including the Zonda and Huayra. “What Pagani creates is more than just a car, it’s art,” Brett told us in an excited tone. “And, like art, these cars and meant to be seen.”

And now, Miami will be able to see more of Pagani’s handiwork thanks to Brett’s latest purchase.

Delivered just last week was a car that had been in the works for two years and has special meaning: the Pagani Huayra Project Vulcan.

Why Project Vulcan? Brett told us that it’s all in the name. You see, “Huayra” is an Andean wind god, while “Vulcan” is a Roman god of fire. Take a look at the car and you’ll see the wind being represented by the tones of the exposed carbon fiber, while the contrasting red obviously represents fire.

“This Huayra was put into effect about two years ago when we secured the franchise,” he told us. “The entire process has been amazing. It’s things like being able to go behind the curtains and seeing what goes on behind the scenes that makes ordering a Pagani so special. Instead of feeling like a dealer, I felt like a customer for once.”

Thanks to Pagani’s ability to create the car of the customer’s dreams, Brett ended up with a car that brought tears to his mother and sister’s eyes.
“The car is dedicated to my late father, Irv David. If you look on the center console, you’ll see a special nameplate created by Horacio Pagani that honors my father.” Needless to say, they all agree that this is not a Pagani Huayra for sale.

Pagani Huayra

Along with the tribute are a slew of options that make this car a one-of-a-kind, like all Paganis created. Brett pointed out a few of the options to us, including some special ones in the famous Pagani Huayra interior: “There are so many options built into this car, like the custom front end, interior “honeycomb” stitching and red wheels that match the interior.”

But the most important option has to be the exterior finish. “When you order a Pagani, you get to meet everyone that works at their headquarters and see firsthand how the cars are created. This is when I saw how much care and detail goes into their carbon fiber work.”

After seeing the carbon fiber work with his own eyes, he changed his mind on his Huayra’s exterior finish and opted for exposed carbon fiber. “This Huayra’s exterior is the first of its kind, with black and silver gunmetal metallic exposed carbon fiber blending seamlessly,” he stated.

After learning about the car, Brett also pointed out how great it is to be a Pagani owner. “Attending Vanishing Point in my own Pagani is going to be one of the most exciting things about owning this car,” he excitedly told us. “This car deserves to have its legs stretch, and the Italian coastline is a perfect place for that to happen.”

As ownership goes, Brett can have his car serviced right at Pagani Miami: “I can have it serviced in our shop, but Pagani ownership is so simple, thanks to the Pagani Huayra’s engine being a sound AMG block. After having clocked thousands of miles on other Pagani’s, I know that the maintenance is a breeze.”

“It has truly been a pleasure and an honor to get to know Brett, his family, and the whole Pagani Miami – Prestige Imports team. We really could not ask for a better partner to represent our brand in Miami; everything Prestige does is exceptional,” said Francesco Zappacosta, Managing Director at Pagani, in an email. “On a personal level, at Pagani we believe that every car should represent each customer’s dreams, and it makes me very happy to know how special this car is to Brett and his family; I hope Project Vulcan stays in the David family forever.”

Now that he has a car that is special for being both a rare hypercar and a tribute to his father, Brett already has his eyes on the future: “We’re already taking orders on the Pagani Huayra Roadster, which will have 100 examples created- I’ve already put in an order for one. I also have an Aventador SV on the way and I plan on creating a 55-ft Van Dutch boat that will match the Huayra Project Vulcan. Also, we will be partnering with ADV.1 for a wheel project for the Huayra model.”

As for his dealership, he plans on making Prestige Imports the supercar epicenter. In fact, he already has multiple Bugatti Veyrons and other supercars that you couldn’t find anywhere else. If you’re interested in a supercar or want to order the Huayra Roadster, Brett says to contact them and they’ll be ready to make your dreams come true.

We want to take this time to congratulate Brett on his purchase and we look forward to working with him as he takes his career and dealerships to the next level.

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