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Extraction! – Starwood Jeep Mayhem

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We try to have a few version of Starwood’s custom Wranglers at every show we attend. But in order to fully appreciate the quality of their builds, its best to see them in action. Partnering with Red Feather Productions, Extraction is the title for their latest film. Two talented ladies are running from the law, but with only two horsepower between them, something else was needed in order to evade the authorities. If a Sheriff is coming at you in a Camaro SS, you should probably give up. Unless you have a Sprintex supercharged V6 under your hood.

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Both Jeeps have been bestowed with level 2 kits from Sprintex. Making 340 hp at the wheels, it will make the Rubicon trail look like a sidewalk. The beast is accompanied by the Momo bandit, which features their latest offroad components. If you are unaware of what Starwood is capable of, they are an exotic car dealership with an affinity for offroading. New Wranglers arrive by the truckload to their shop in Dallas, and what emerges are the most potent machines on the market. After applying their own proprietary exterior coating, the drive train is a blank canvas. Nothing is off limits, including the SRT 392 Race Hemi crate engine or the Viper’s V10. For more information please follow @starwood_exclusive on Instagram and click on the link below

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