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Dealer Details: Garage Kept Motors

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Presented by Garage Kept Motors

Garage Kept Motors specializes in classic, collector and specialty auto sales. We are car guys first, dealers second. Our goal is to deliver quality vehicles to our customers that can be truly enjoyed, and with proper care and attention, retain and hopefully appreciate in value. We deliver honesty and consistency in our photos and descriptions, a “No Surprise” approach, so buyers, both near and far, can invest with confidence sight unseen. Our vehicles are intriguing, inspiringly represented, and always “garage kept.”

The idea behind Garage Kept Motors sparked in 2009 when owner, Andrew “A.J.” Dufendach, was chatting with a family friend about the recent sale of her late husband’s 1957 Ford Thunderbird. She explained how the car was 100% original with low miles, original documentation and that she got a “great deal.” When told the sale price, A.J.’s heart dropped, knowing it was a fraction of the car’s real value. Then the lightbulb flashed on in his head. If A.J. could establish a licensed consignment dealership, he would bring better value to such clients. This service would allow him to represent and sell another person’s vehicle as if it were his own.

Four years later, after paying his dues by working in the industry and helping sell many cars to places around the globe, A.J. stepped out on his own. He established Garage Kept Motors in Grand Rapids, MI, officially licensed in January of 2014.

Due to the majority of sales occurring beyond Michigan’s borders, there is no showroom, museum-type atmosphere to walk through and/or toys to drool over. All vehicles are stored in a secure, climate-controlled facility, usually under car covers. The extensive photos and walk-around videos available online have proven exceedingly sufficient to satisfy the most demanding buyers. If a serious shopper surfaces locally, the desired vehicle will undoubtedly be shown through appointment. With this sales model, Garage Kept Motors has sold intriguing vehicles from Phoenix to Munich and most everywhere in between.

Presented by Garage Kept Motors

Garage Kept Motors, LLC specializes in classic and specialty online auto sales. For our consignors, we are the only auto brokers that offer a Transparent Sale Disclosure. For our buyers, our vehicles are listed on the Internet, with over 100 photos, including undercarriage pictures, and walk-around videos of the vehicles running plus a narrative-style write-up of the cars history and features.