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BullFest Miami 2016 Lamborghini Gathering and Drive

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Presented by Lamborghini Miami

South Florida is known for their exotic cars, and one of the city’s main suppliers of these vehicles is none other than Lamborghini Miami. To bring together all of these exotic car owners, more specifically Lamborghini owners, this prestigious dealership and Driving Force Club (DFC) put on BullFest, a gathering of some of the world’s finest Italian supercars.

This year’s event, held February 26-28, was a massive success that turned the streets of Miami into a supercar parade. There were Huracans, Aventadors, Aventador SVs, Murcielagos, Gallardos and more, all sporting an insane variety of colors.

The first day of the weekend event started off at Lamborghini Miami’s parking lot, where the group took off for the road. To wrap up the weekend, of travelling the roads in a display of Italian power and grace, they ended up at the Homestead-Miami Speedway. Here, the owners were given a rare opportunity to take their cars around the famous race track.

“The 2015 experiment to bring BullFest to Miami was so successful that throughout the year people kept asking about the next one. Thanks to Brett and the team at Lamborghini Miami the 2016 Edition of BullFest MIAMI exceeded all expectations and brought together over 100 Lamborghinis! Cars came from as far as NY Tristate Area, PA, MA, MD, VA, NC, SC, GA, CT and other states. We are looking forward to BullFest|2017 MIAMI Edition and will make sure that it will have another record turnout with participants coming from all over US, Canada and beyond.” – Hovik Gevorgyan of Driving Force Club

The BullFest was not only a great way to spend a weekend, but it also gave Lamborghini owners a chance to meet other like-minded individuals. Being around others who share the same passion as you can definitely brighten your mood, as does the sound of over 80 Lamborghinis.

Check out the images above and below to see how incredible it looks when you gather a massive amount of Lamborghinis together for one event. And we can’t wait to check out the other awesome events Lamborghini Miami has in store this year.

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