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Yamaha Unveils the MOTOROiD in Tokyo

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Millenials are not buying motorcycles. The sales reports from every aspect of the 2-wheel industry show a softening in their youngest consumers. It will take serious innovation to satisfy the tech-hungry masses, so Yamaha has introduced something wild. In a press release earlier today, we have seen the bike of the future. The MOTOROiD is an electric, autonomous concept that is capable of balancing itself. It has technology only seen on the most exotic cars for sale, so perhaps it is long overdue.

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Facial recognition software will prompt it to respond to your commands, we just hope it doesn’t use up too much range from the batteries. A weight of 469 lbs is decent in comparison to liter-bikes, and the hub-mounted motor offers the ultimate electric efficiency. The concept looks almost ready for production, except the notion of high-voltage cables against your left ankle might be unnerving. Haptic feedback is provided to your lower torso by the rear clamshell.

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Their goal was to create a new experience of “Kando”, which translates to deep satisfaction and enjoyment. Undoubtedly, this bike will have safety features never seen on 2-wheels, so we hope the price isn’t too extreme. For now, it will remain a concept but stay with us for more Yamaha updates.