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Syrma Concept From IED and Quattroruote

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Every car you see on the road today started as a concept. And these concepts were either completely different from what you see on the road, or very similar. One concept that we hope is transformed into a production model is the Syrma concept from the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) and Quattroruote.

This concept came to be after Quattroruote, Italy’s most widely-read automotive magazine, asked the students at IED to create a vehicle that would use new ad hoc technologies for vehicle safety as a March 3 press release from the institute describes.


Inside, the Syrma has a very unique layout, with three staggered front seats and a central driving position. IED chose this layout because it allows for maximum visibility when driving. Additionally, the teardrop-shaped windshield acts as a protective shield for passengers within the cabin.

Behind the cockpit is a a hybrid setup that involves a twin-trubo V6 engine and an electric engine. Together, these two power sources provide the car with around 900 hp. The Syrma can also run on electric power alone, reducing air pollution.

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To create this concept, eleven students submitted their proposal for a car that fit the guidelines, with one of the projects submitted being chosen for the final version. The students then set out to turn the concept into a 1:1, real scale. The result is what you see below.

We can’t wait to see what comes next from IED.


 (Source: IED)

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