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Rivian R1T Goes Carbon-Neutral Camping

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This year’s Overland Expo West was held in Flagstaff over the weekend, and it was a showcase of outdoor amenities. Nobody was expecting to see a new electric pickup truck, so that’s why the Rivian R1T went carbon neutral camping. One of the best features of this upcoming truck is the Gear Tunnel. It is a modular storage space just behind the cab.

To show off how versatile it can be, their mobile was unveiled to the world. Easily stored in the tunnel, it has two induction burners, a sink, cookware, and 5 gallons of water. Given the efficiency of induction cooking, it will barely put a dent in the 400-mile range. Once the weekend is over, you can reach 60 mph in 3.0 seconds thanks to an impressive 180 kWh battery.

We can thank Henry Ford for getting Americans outdoors, as his Kingsford charcoal was practically given away at Ford dealers. It was made from the scraps of wood used in making the wheels for the Model T, and it seems that history repeats itself. Bill Ford Jr. recently invested $500 Million in Rivian, so we are probably looking at the future of the American truck. Tell us what you think in the comments below and stay with us for all your Rivian news.

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Ford Invests $500 Million in Rivian