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Pininfarina Battista Details by Top Gear

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If you need to go fast without gas, you have a new option for an electric supercar. BBC host Rory Reid can barely believe the Pininfarina Battista details by Top Gear. It will arrive with 1,900 horsepower and 1,696 lb-ft of torque to be the most powerful production car. The latest in battery technology has yielded a 120 kWh capacity in a compact design.

It will allow a launch to 60 mph under 2 seconds, and only 12 seconds to reach 186 mph. The powertrain is supplied by Rimac, so it is destined to be amazing. If you drive sensibly, it will offer a range of 280 miles of carbon-neutral cruising. With each wheel having its own motor, torque vectoring and regenerative braking are more efficient than any other electric car. This will change the world, so stay with us for all your Pininfarina updates.


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