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Phiaro P75 Concept CIPHER Honors 75th Anniversary

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The Phiaro Group is a Japan-based company that has participated in the research and development of some of Asia’s most powerful vehicles and motorcycles since their doors opened in 1939. Over the past 75 years, as their website describes, they’ve expanded from the original shop in Tokyo to multiple factories and offices across Japan, and even a location in Irvine, California, that opened in the late 1990s.

In honor of reaching their 75th anniversary, in August of 2014 the Phiaro Group began developing a sportscar intended to be the type of car Phiaro’s employees would love to drive: the 1,314 pound, 142 hp and 123 lb-ft P75 Concept CIPHER.


A March 3 press release from Phiaro explains some of the concepts behind the development of this low-riding track devil, which aims to not just embody conceptual beauty, but to showcase the future of engineering as they see it. The slim appearance is reminiscent of the Canadian supercar, the Magnum MK5, which debuted at the Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance in 2014. The slim appearance is meant to highlight the car’s “bone structure;” that is, the shape of the car offers a glimpse at the internal structure and mechanics of this two-seater.

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Its creation was documented in a series of blog posts, the first of which dates to Aug. 8, 2014. The blog series, titled “75th Anniversary: Road to Geneva 2015,” highlights each step of the creation process, from the creation of the concept drawing, to purchasing of necessary parts, creating computerized graphics, headlight garnishing and even the mechanics of how the door opens.

The earliest test run mentioned is in a Feb. 2 blog post from the series, meaning there was very little time left should something have failed. You can check out the video above, uploaded to YouTube Feb. 9, of their Feb. 4 test run. But with such a long and prosperous history behind them, the Phiaro Group did not seem to run into any problems that would halt their planned unveiling March 3.

Of course, as this car is meant to embody Phiaro’s views of the future of supercars and car production, they also hope to leave their mark on a field that is continually looking for environmentally sustainable methods and technologies. The press release ends with a note to future generations, meditating on the thought that, while sustainability is important, it is just as important to have a fun-to-drive car.

As it states, “…we [the Phiaro Group] feel it is important to continue telling the new generations that “fun to drive” sports cars are fascinating too. We hope cars of the future remain to be a symbol of people’s dreams and desires, not as just another means of transportation.”

Be sure to stay with us for more updates on this two-seater, windshield-less concept, and take a look through our listings to find a symbol of your dreams and desires.


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(Source: Phiaro Group, Facebook, YouTube)

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