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Get Ready To Fly and Drive in the Pal V Liberty

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If your country is prone to flooding, perhaps your car should be able to fly. It might be just a coincidence that a Dutch company is poised to launch a flying car amid all the exotic cars for sale at the Geneva Motor Show. Pal V stands for Personal Air & Land Vehicle. Their goal is to build the world’s first street-legal autogyro.

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Forward flight and forward propulsion are provided by a fan behind the cockpit. A 100 horsepower engine offers a top speed of 112 mph in the air, and 31 mpg on land. The Liberty might just be the first practical flying car, even if it can’t take off or land vertically. An autogyro needs to have a slight forward speed to stay in the air. The advantage is that if you lose power or run out of fuel, it can coast down for a slow speed landing. The cockpit seats two, with a range of 284 miles. With one occupant and a full tank, the range is up to 310 miles.

The first 90 examples of the Liberty will be the “Pioneer Editions”, with a projected price tag of $599,000. You won’t be the fastest object in the air or on the road, but we think it will be nice to have 3-Dimensional travel options. We’re excited to see this concept take flight, so tell us what you think of the Liberty in the comments below and stay with us for complete coverage of the Geneva Motor Show.