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Nissan’s Zero Emission Bladeglider Debuts in Rio de Janeiro

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Zero-emission vehicles with supercar capabilities are the way of the future. In 2013, concept cars of the like were unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show, and now we’re beginning to see the real-life prototypes. Bringing their electric vehicle from concept to fruition is Nissan with their four-seater, zero-emission BaldeGlider.


Dubbed the “electric vehicle for car lovers,” by Nissan’s president and CEO, Carlos Ghosn, the BladeGlider combines environmental responsibility with the fun of driving. The vehicle, which looks much more like an advanced, motorized bobsled than a traditional car, offers excellent aerodynamics thanks to its unique shape and a performance-inspired electric powertrain that is so quiet it literally appears as though the vehicle is “gliding.” Nissan collaborated with Williams Advanced Engineering to create the fully electric vehicle, which  boasts 521 lb-ft of torque, hits a top speed of over 118 mph and sails from 0-60 in under 5 seconds, according to a company press release. 130kW electric motors power each of the rear wheels.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, the interior provides “four point safety harnesses for each occupant,” and each seat is designed to provide both comfort and support, with emphasis on supporting the driver and passenger’s legs and sides. Since the BladeGlider is designed for the ultimate driving experience, the seats are, “trimmed in a highly tactile blend of fabric and epoxy resin coating,” to make sure riders stay in place while whizzing around tight corners. Color trim for the upper range of the seats will be offered in Cyber Green and Stealth Orange.

Nissan will have two of the BladeGliders on display in Rio de Janeiro, one of which will be fully-functional. The car maker will allow the media and VIP guests a ride in the fully functional prototype. Want to learn more? Check out the video below.