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Mercedes-Benz Vision Urbanetic is the Body-Swapping Van of the Future

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The future is coming sooner than you think, and Mercedes-Benz will deliver it to you. Coinciding with a new Sprinter factory in North Charleston, SC, Mercedes Vans has revealed their Urbanetic concepts. These autonomous vehicles are built on a battery-powered chassis, and they integrate self-learning to navigate cities of the future.

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Straight outta’ Tomorrowland, they can be fitted with a passenger cabin, cargo module, or a flatbed for your in-laws. With zero emissions and nearly silent, they represent a future of on-demand mobility. The ride-sharing model has room for 12 passengers, while the cargo edition hauls 10 EPAL pallets.

The press release mentions a fleet of them based in a central garage. By learning their most efficient routes, each one would proceed to pre-planned waypoints inside a defined area. A lack of pedals or a steering wheel is a little disconcerting, so tell us what you think of the Vision Urbanetic in the comments below.

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