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Lyons Motor Car LM 2 Streamliner 1700 hp Supercar Promised for NYIAS

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At the New York International Auto Show, there will be manufacturers from around the world debuting their latest and greatest model designs and updates, but there will be one manufacturer there that didn’t have very far to travel.

Arriving to unveil their first concept is Lyons Motor Car, a company founded by New York native Kevin Lyons. Since 2011, Kevin and the rest of his team at Lyons Motor Car have pushed forward with the creation of what looks to be an American powerhouse in every sense of the word: the LM 2 Streamliner.


“It was clearly apparent that there were no U.S. vehicles to compete with the ultra luxury brands from Europe and beyond,” describes the Lyons Motor Car website. As a result, Kevin worked to fill that gap. The LM 2 Streamliner is his solution, and its proposed performance specs are at levels that put even the Bugatti Veyron and Koenigsegg One:1 to shame.

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1,700 hp will reportedly rocket this new megacar to 60 mph from a standstill in just 2.2 seconds, while its speed will top out somewhere around 290 mph. Extensive use of carbon fiber throughout, from chassis to subframes, takes the weight down for the aluminum V8 engine, which features twin turbochargers and intercoolers mated to a 7-speed sequential gearbox.


But one of the most fascinating and advanced concepts this Concept car hopes to employ comes in the form of, or rather, the lack of wiring. Specialized RF signals transmit power directly to the headlights and other systems throughout the car, eliminating the need for wiring almost completely.

“The technology is literally 10 years ahead of anyone else,” says Kevin in the video above. Uploaded to YouTube May 30, 2013, it gives us insight into the back story of the LM 2 Streamliner and Lyons Motor Car. Be sure to give it a watch, and stay with us for updates as we move closer to the official unveiling of America’s next supercar.


(Source: Lyons Motor Car, YouTube, Facebook)

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