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Hardcore KERS-Powered Ferrari 488 Spied at Factory

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Our friend Marchettino might have just stumbled across an unannounced Ferrari 488 GTB model that utilizes the Italian automaker’s KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) system. If so, this new model could be the most brutal 488 yet.

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While visiting the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Marchettino thought he had stumbled across a test mule for the upcoming Dino. But, after hearing one Ferrari mechanic say: “don’t turn on the KERS system” he paused and replied, mostly to himself,  “Oh my God, what the hell is that.”

The reason why he was so taken aback by this statement is because the KERS system is something Ferrari typically reserves for cars like the LaFerrari or F1 cars. What this system does is convert energy created through braking into power for acceleration. Essentially, slowing down can speed cars up that use this system.

Knowing what the KERS system is now, you can understand why a 488 harboring one could be a big deal. Check out the video below to see the test mule and encounter for yourself.

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