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Hackrod Unveils “La Bandita” 3D Printed Speedster

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It was only a matter of time. With the growth of 3D printers and advancements in Virtual Reality, Hackrod has arrived with a gorgeous speedster named “La Bandita”. Working with Siemens, designboom is reporting that you will be able to see your sports car in VR before production begins.

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The frame looks almost organic, as the one-piece aluminum structure is printed in 2319 aerospace alloy. Without welds or bolts, this revolutionary (and affordable) method might give carbon fiber a literal run for its money. Hackrod is a startup consisting of a Film Director and an Aerospace Engineer along with a group of forward-thinking veterans of the automotive world.

Their goal is to make you the co-creator of your own car. Taking a few humans out of the build process has been tried by others, but now the technology is available to automate the build from virtual to physical. Click on the link below to visit their site and stay with us for more Hackrod updates.

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