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Revealed: Faraday Future Introduces 1,000 hp FFZERO1 Concept Car

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On January 4th Faraday Future (FF) unveiled its new concept, the FFZERO1, its specially optimized engineering system known as Variable Platform Architecture (VPA) and an alliance with well-known global tech brand, Letv.

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The FFZERO1, FF’s first Concept, which is built upon VPA, will allow FF to provide unprecedented quality and safety with minimum production costs. This electric, high-performance Concept, coupled with the electric optimized VPA gives FF the edge in the brand’s ability to support a wide range of vehicle sizes and types.

With four motors attached to each wheel, the FFZERO1 will have more than 1,000 hp at the ready. And, due to its electric powertrain, which are known for their high torque output, this concept is said to have a 0-60 mph time of less than three seconds. As for a top speed, FF notes it will reach over 200 mph.

Additionally, FF’s new relationship with Letv will provide the brand with valuable access to Letv’s long-standing technological expertise. This strategic partnership will allow the two companies to create advanced electric vehicles by marrying technology and innovation in the automotive world through the use of technology, internet and cloud based programming and content derived for entertainment purposes.

Nick Sampson, SVP, R&D and Product Development at FF states:

“What we’ve announced illustrates the strength of our team, vision, partnerships and speed. We’re a forward-thinking company focused on the future of mobility, but we also share a passion for driving and performance. On our platform, electric vehicles will not only deliver on sustainability, but will be seamlessly connected and exhilarating to drive.”


(Source: Faraday Future)