Bentley Concept Cars

A Look at the Future of British Luxury

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Bentley and students from the Royal College of Art’s (RCA) Intelligent Mobility program have teamed up to envision the future of British luxury. Each of the students in the program was tasked with creating their vision of a luxurious Grand Touring experience from the future. “Bentley has always been at the forefront of automotive luxury, and with this collaboration we asked millennial students for their vision of the future,” says Bentley’s Design Director Stefan Sielaff. Interestingly enough, Sielaff is an alumnus of RCA’s Automotive Design program.

In total, there were 24 different student responses and four of them were chosen as the most “thought-provoking.”

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“Luxury Soundscapes” by Irene Chiu. This concept was design around acoustics and the vehicle’s ability to filter out undesirable noise.

“Elegant Autonomy” by Enuji Choi. The artist understood the importance of elegance in British culture and blended it with an autonomous futuristic vehicle.

“Material Humanity” by Kate NamGoong. Interestingly enough, the article of this concept went with the thought that the future of true luxury resides in the choice to occasionally drive in a car powered by an internal combustion engine.

Stratospheric Grand Touring” by Jack Watson. For this artist, they believe their concept would end the issue of where you can live in the future. Essentially, if you have a stratospheric traveler like this one, you can live where ever you want and travel across the globe in a moment’s notice.