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Aston Martin Volante Vision In Action

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Last week we told you about Aston Martin’s idea of travel in the future, and now it has a name. In their latest YouTube video, we see their concept aircraft in flight. This 3D footage looks enticing as it uses autonomous flight to reach your destination. Rolls-Royce PLC builds aircraft engines, and they are not associated with the BMW-owned car company. Car and airplane production were once very similar. Ford’s rugged Tri-Motor was built to compete with the Chevrolet brother’s Chevrolair airplane company.

Aston Martin’s New Autonomous Luxury Aircraft Concept

As a leader in aircraft propulsion, Aston Martin has decided to use three of their ducted fans on the Volante Vision. The counter-rotating design is efficient, and it looks like the front pair can swivel into a horizontal position for forward flight. Aston Martin’s expertise in carbon fiber along with aerodynamics allow us to see a future that might be coming sooner than we think. It was England that gave us the vertical takeoff Harrier Jet, so why not a vertical commuter jet? While we were considering the ramifications of autonomous aircraft, a little bird told us that the 2020 V8 Vantage could get a manual transmission next year. This would be the first time the AMG 4.0L has ever seen a manual gearbox, so stay with us for more updates!

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