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All-Electric Fisker Ocean SUV Teased

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The world will have a new electric SUV in 2022 when the new Fisker Ocean arrives. Fisker has just announced this new luxury electric SUV and also opened reservations for the new model. As for specifics regarding the new model, there isn’t a lot so far.

What we do know is that it will have four-wheel drive versions and a patent-pending “California Mode.” That new mode will allow “passengers to experience the sun, fresh air and an open feeling without being in a convertible.” Fisker is also aiming for the Ocean to be “the world’s most sustainable vehicle” with features like a solar roof, recycled carpeting, vegan interior and more.

All they’re asking for is a $250 reservation, which can be done on the Fisker website. Additionally, they will offer multiple ways to get behind the wheel of their new Ocean. First, you can pay $379 a month with a $2,999 downpayment (before delivery in 2022). Or there is the “$0 drive off” option with a financed $2,999 downpayment (depending on credit).

Expect more information on the Fisker Ocena in January 2020.

Source: Fisker Inc.