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SVE Unveils 800 Horsepower Yenko Camaro

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Known for building some of the fastest Chevrolets of all time, Don Yenko would be proud to see his name living on. Specialty Vehicle Engineering (formerly known as Street Legal Performance, or SLP) have built incredible versions of GM cars since 1992. Back then it seemed impossible to reach 350 hp while keeping the EPA happy but Ed Hamburger and his son David designed a revolutionary intake and exhaust system for Camaro and Firebird. Fast forward to 2017 and they are still as innovative as ever.

To take a new Camaro to 800 hp is no easy task, so the stock 6.2 liter V8 is bored and stroked to 6.8 liters (416 cubic inches). The new bottom end is completely forged and topped by CNC ported & polished heads. The camshaft is a top-secret design, but it probably has a longer intake duration to make use of the boost. The blower is also proprietary to SVE, and it probably moves more air than most V6 engines.

To fit all that goodness under the stock hood would be impossible, so a new carbon fiber hood is painted to match the Camaro’s factory paint. I can attest to the quality of their paint as I am restoring my 2002 Camaro SS. My hood and rear spoiler look new, while the GM paint has aged in a less than graceful manner. A rarity in the aftermarket, SVE includes a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty on the engine, supercharger and body panels. The best feature of the beastly engine is that it’s not limited to the Camaro. SVE offers this package for the Escalade, Corvette and Silverado. As soon as we get our hands on one, expect to see some wild footage here on Autofluence.

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