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New Camaro Concept for Bumblebee

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We learned that Bumble, the heroic Autobot in the Transformer movies, would be played by a resto-mod 1967 Chevrolet Camaro in the fourth installment of the Transformers movies.  This came to me as exciting news, not only as a Transformers fan, but also as a fan of tough lookin’ muscle cars.

However, an update on Michael Bay’s blog shows that Bumblebee will have another face in the upcoming movie. He posted a picture of a new Camaro concept with the caption: “Trumpets please . . . Bumblebee, a 2014 Concept Camaro! . . . the final jewel in the Transformers 4 crown.”


It looks like its either thinking really hard or is glaring at something… What do you guys think about this car? Could it be the next Camaro?

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