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Watch Out Hypercars: Nelson Racing Unveils 260 mph COPO Camaro

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Tom Nelson and his team have put the finishing touches on a COPO Camaro build for the Texas Mile. Using a 632 ci  (10.4L) Big Block and symmetrical turbos. A Lenco 3 speed manual with a Bruno converter send power to a triangulated 9″ rear. To be stable over 200 mph, a boost regulator is wired directly to a wheel speed sensor, taking the human out of the safety equation.

Two parachutes fill in the license plate holes, and the trunk is filled with two fuel systems. Nelson’s patented intake has two injectors for each cylinder. One runs 91 octane (non-ethanol), and the other is race fuel. As the turbos awaken, the computer gradually adds race fuel and timing. Where the fog lights normally reside are the inlets for the turbos. No matter how expensive his microphone may be, it can’t translate how loud this probably is on the street. Turn down your volume for a wild shakedown cruise.

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